Why board games are still good to play...or are they?


There are many board games out there.Some of them worth even something and some not so much,some even keeps increasing in value.So are board games worth to buy these day's?that is a matter of an opinion ..Well yes and maybe no...




Board Games are Super Easy to Buy Now

If you are old enough, then you might remember how back in the day we physically had to go to toy stores to buy board games. Toys R Us and other toy stores were the only places you knew board games were readily available.

I remember those days like it was just yesterday. We’d go to the store and see walls full of games and toys. Oh, how I miss those joyful moments!

Today, things have changed DRAMATICALLY. Online shopping is pretty much the norm these days, across the globe. In fact, a few Toys R Us stores were even forced to shut down. I’m assuming that’s because the brick-and-mortar sales are declining, whereas online sales keep rising.

That’s right, today you don’t even have to leave your home to get your hands on a cool board game! To top it off, online stores like Amazon will suggest related or recommended products when you’re buying something. It’s so easy to add those additional products to the cart, and therefore increasing sales.



Internet & Social Media Creates Online Groups & Communities

You’d expect the internet and social media to be the downfall of traditional board games, but in fact, it’s the opposite.

It’s so easy to reach a global audience via the internet. Websites and blogs (like this) are dedicated to specific niches and topics. No doubt board games were popular long before the internet went mainstream, but the internet has boosted growth significantly.

Then there’s the social media factor. I love how social media has the power to bring people from all around the world together. You can literally create a group or community for anything you want.

YouTube, Facebook, and Reddit are all famous examples of growing online communities. You’ll find channels and groups with as little as a few hundred members, to groups with millions of followers.

There are lots of board game communities online. I love how people share their stories, ideas, strategies, and tactics. It creates a sense of unity among strangers, and it gets people in the mood to play!


Board Games Just Keep Getting Better

The classics will always stand the test of time and be your go-to winners. Games such as Monopoly, Risk, Cluedo, and Charades, can’t be replaced.

The newer games that you might not have heard of yet are revolutionary. Settlers of Catan (link to Amazon) is a relatively new game that was released in 1995 as opposed to Monopoly which was released in 1935. But look at Catan today, over 22 million copies sold across 30 languages worldwide.

Board game design is booming right now. I came across many websites and online communities dedicated to designing and creating board games. The people involved are genuinely passionate about their craft.

In addition to this, I feel people now are exposed to way more experiences than in the past. These experiences, whether it be online or in real life, tend to inspire ideas and stories behind modern board games.


A Social Activity That Brings People Together

Whether it’s a preplanned games night with friends or a spontaneous moment at a party, board games are always a reliable option for social activities.

Some of my favorite memories took place during my school vacations when my cousins would visit, and we’d play board games for hours. I remember how easy it was to invite other friends over and introduce them to my cousins and to join the fun. If it weren’t for board games, friendships wouldn’t have been born in my house back then.

A fun board game has the power to bring groups of strangers together to have a good time! I feel like this is especially true for people who have social anxiety.

I sometimes suffer from social anxiety. Once I was at a house party during my high school days. At the party, I remember how anxious I was. For some reason, I just couldn’t shake it. It wasn’t until a group of people (who looked like a close-knit group), found a box of Pictionary and invited myself and two other guys to the table. After an awkward introduction and a shaky start, I felt at home.

When I realized just how calm I was, it felt AMAZING. I will never forget that day. That’s the power of games.

No matter how advanced technology becomes, we as humans still need our human interaction. Some, more than others. So, next time you’re nervous about hosting a party with separate circles of friends, just bring out a board game to make it one giant circle instead.




Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform, established in 2009. Tabletop games are undoubtedly the most popular category on the Kickstarter platform.

The popular crowdfunding platform removed the hardest barrier of entry to board game production – printing and manufacture costs. Now, talented board game designers can launch their campaign on Kickstarter. And, depending on the appeal it has to the public, it can raise funds needed to produce thousands of copies to sell worldwide.

Tabletop games continue to rise on Kickstarter and don’t show any signs of slowing down. Be sure to check out Kickstarter for some cool initiatives across many categories, including tech, gaming, and entertainment.

Source: Polygon.com



It’s Competitive

Who doesn’t like some good competition? Whether it’s at work or at home, we all compete in some form or another.

At school, you compete with your mates. If it’s not in academics, then it’s in sports and athletics, or some other activities.

At work, you compete with your colleagues. It’s always a race to climb the corporate ladder, and we try our best to reach the top.

And at home, we compete with our siblings and/or spouses. We often try to win arguments at home. Or, we want to see who is better at doing certain things around the house. Who is the better gamer, athlete, student, parent, etc.

Competition is awesome. Most of us love a little competition now and then. So we look forward to the opportunity to beat our friends on games night. Most people will make this a tradition, keeping score for weeks, months, and even years.


A Chance for People to Unplug

Society at large is always plugged in. Most of us behave like programmed robots. We wake up in the morning, get ready for school or work, spend our 9-5 sitting in front of a monitor, return home, eat, relax a little in front of the TV, go to bed, sleep and repeat it all the next day.

This is a sad reality today. So, every chance we get to break away from this routine is a breath of fresh air.

Sure, there are online games, and that appeals to a vast population of online gamers. But sometimes it’s nice just to go meet up with friends and family to have a fun-filled evening of traditional gameplay.

It’s a chance for people to escape monitors and technology. To avoid the keyboards and buttons. To forget about graphics and sound. It’s a chance to feel alive. It’s a chance to have good old fun!



More People Stay Indoors

We mentioned the growth of online shopping in the world we live in today. We can get almost anything we want, with just the click of a button.

Although awesome and efficient, this has also made people very lazy. Myself included. Far fewer reasons to leave the house exists today, compared to the last decade.

More people prefer to stay indoors now. We don’t need to go to the cinema because we have Netflix. We don’t need to go to the mall because we have Amazon. We don’t need to buy food because we have food delivery services. We simply don’t need to leave the house if we don’t want to.

In this habit of staying home, board games become a more popular past time. You can only do so much of Netflix and internet browsing. Sometimes you need to unplug, even when at home. People who like staying at home will often play board games rather than going out.



Board Games are Timeless and Ageless

My grandparents played board games, my parents play board games, I play board games, and I’m pretty sure my kids will also play board games one day.

Board games are something that’s passed on from one generation to the next. And it’s a multiplier effect. Meaning if my grandparents played board games and passed it on to their kids, who then also passed it on to their kids, then there’d be way more board game enthusiasts today than the original 2 grandparents.

Below is an example from my own personal life…

As hard as it is to believe, my grandparents from both sides (paternal and maternal) had 10 children each. Yes… 10! So that’s 20 uncles and aunts for me. My 20 uncles and aunts average about 3 kids each ( a considerable reduction, haha). So both sets of grandparents played games with their kids (20), and I’m pretty sure all my uncles and aunts played games with their kids (about 60 in total).

The above example indicates that there are now 80 people (uncles and aunts, plus their children) who play board games, all thanks to 4 people who passed it on.

That’s just my family. There are many others out there who undoubtedly share the same story.



Popular Games Lead to Further Exploration

If you’ve played video games, then you know once you clock the hardest level of the game, there’s really no point to keep playing the game. That’s because the challenge is gone, and all gamers love a good challenge.

The same goes for board games. However, this is slightly different from video games. With board games, you can keep playing the same game for years, even decades. This is possible because there are more variables with board games. Players change, strategies and tactics change, and you have to learn to adapt to those changes, which keeps the game a challenge.

But this doesn’t mean you can’t get tired of a board game. If you play the same game with the same people all the time, then it’s likely to get a bit mundane.


This has happened to me before.

There’s a quick fix, though, which also contributes to the growing popularity of board games. People who enjoy a particular game will often look for similar games to try out. Sometimes this will lead to a rabbit-hole in a gaming genre.

I like trying new games, and I know you will too (if you don’t already explore new games). Once you’re in that rabbit-hole, you’ll find awesome games that you wish you’d found earlier.

Friends are always asking for recommendations for games that are similar to a particular game they like. This is a common habit of most avid gamers.


Well so what ever you decide to do you should always know that condition of item matters.